Our recruitment process

At Apple Personnel, we pride ourselves in being a recruitment consultancy that works very closely with our candidates.

We undergo various, important steps in our Recruitment Process that allows us to identify the perfect job role for you.

To ensure that job seekers and employers are matched appropriately, we go through the steps to the right.

» Step 1 - Our interview

We want to get to know you. Talk to us.

We conduct thorough primary interviews with all candidates to identify key skills, background and educational and professional achievements. We believe getting to know the real you and the key elements that drive you as an individual essential for making the right employer match.

We will call when convenient for you. Morning, Lunch time, Evenings...

We are distinguished for our confidentially and understanding of our candidates, and feel its imperative for the people we work with to know that they can call us any time.

We are not an agency that will ever keep you in the dark with regards to any job placements or CV profile feedback. Integrity and reliability is how we like to run things. We ALWAYS provide honest information and keep all we work with updated as much as we can.

» Step 2 - Your CV profile

Using your CV and additional information taken from candidate interview, this allows us to build a the perfect selling tool – a professional cv profile that highlights your key qualities and background to potential employers.

» Step 3 - Job interview preparation

When the time comes for interview with your potential employer, we are available for you to help with any advice or tips for securing employment.